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Smarty 3.1.33 Released Sep 18, 2018

Several bug fixes and enhancements, including security fix for CVE-2018-16831.

v3 Change Log
v3 New Features

Smarty 3.1.32 Released Apr 25, 2018

A possible security bug in the way paths were assembled has been fixed.

v3 Change Log

Smarty 2.6.31 Released Aug 15, 2016

Some minor bug fixes and enhancements. Smarty is now compatible with PHP 7.2, as deprecated functions are removed!

v2 Change Log

v3 Change Log

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A note about Smarty Dec 21, 2015

Recently Smarty has been changing and adapting aggressively to better suit everyone's needs and take advantage of new things in PHP core. Despite it's vast feature set, Smarty is fast and lean with a small memory footprint. Don't take my word for it, benchmark it against the rest. People seem to assume Smarty is old and lethargic just because it has been around awhile. Truth is, it is a very modern and actively developed template engine. ~40,000 downloads in the last month via composer. Thanks goes to Uwe for all of his hard work!

Smarty 3.1.29 Released Dec 21, 2015

Smarty 3.1.29 is released, many bug fixes.

github page here.

change log here.

download it here.

Smarty 3.1.28 released Dec 14, 2015

Smarty 3.1.28 is released, many bug fixes and new features, namely PHP 7 support and run-time inheritance compiling. See NEW_FEATURES.txt and INHERITANCE_RELEASE_NOTES.txt for details. See full change log for all details.

github page here.

change log here.

download it here.

Smarty 3.1.27 Released Jun 19, 2015

Smarty 3.1.27 is released, mostly bug fixes.

change log here.

download it here.

Smarty 3.1.25 Released Jun 19, 2015

Smarty 3.1.25 is released, mostly bug fixes.

change log here.

download it here.

Smarty 3.1.24 Released May 28, 2015

Smarty 3.1.24 has a LONG list of new features, bug fixes and improvements since 3.1.21 (22 and 23 were never released publicly.) Most notably, compiling speed has been improved by 30-40% over the last release!

See latest features here.

change log here.

download it here.

Smarty 3.1.21 Released Oct 19, 2014

Smarty 3.1.21 minor bug fixes and improvements. Also following up a security bug fix where <script language="php"> tags still worked in secure mode. To note, this only affects users using Smarty in secure mode and exposing templates to untrusted third parties.

change log here.

download it here.

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