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compileAllConfig() — compiles all known config files


string compileAllConfig(string extension,
                        boolean force,
                        integer timelimit,
                        integer maxerror);

This function compiles config files found in the $config_dir folder. It uses the following parameters:

  • extension is an optional string which defines the file extension for the config files. The default is ".conf".

  • force is an optional boolean which controls if only modified (false) or all (true) config files shall be compiled. The default is "false".

  • timelimit is an optional integer to set a runtime limit in seconds for the compilation process. The default is no limit.

  • maxerror is an optional integer to set an error limit. If more config files failed to compile the function will be aborted. The default is no limit.


This function may not create desired results in all configurations. Use is on own risk.

Example 14.14. compileAllConfig()

$smarty = new Smarty;

// force compilation of all config files



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