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registerDefaultPluginHandler() — register a function which gets called on undefined tags


void registerDefaultPluginHandler(mixed callback);

Register a default plugin handler which gets called if the compiler can not find a definition for a tag otherwise. It uses the following parameters:

  • callback defines the PHP callback. it can be either:

    • A string containing the function name

    • An array of the form array($object, $method) with $object being a reference to an object and $method being a string containing the method-name

    • An array of the form array($class, $method) with $class being the class name and $method being a method of the class.

If during compilation Smarty encounters tag which is not defined internal, registered or loacted in the plugins folder it tries to resolve it by calling the registered default plugin handler. The handler may be called several times for same undefined tag looping over valid plugin types.

Example 14.38. Default Plugin Handler Example


$smarty = new Smarty();

 * Default Plugin Handler
 * called when Smarty encounters an undefined tag during compilation
 * @param string                     $name      name of the undefined tag
 * @param string                     $type     tag type (e.g. Smarty::PLUGIN_FUNCTION, Smarty::PLUGIN_BLOCK, 
                                               Smarty::PLUGIN_COMPILER, Smarty::PLUGIN_MODIFIER, Smarty::PLUGIN_MODIFIERCOMPILER)
 * @param Smarty_Internal_Template   $template     template object
 * @param string                     &$callback    returned function name 
 * @param string                     &$script      optional returned script filepath if function is external
 * @param bool                       &$cacheable    true by default, set to false if plugin is not cachable (Smarty >= 3.1.8)
 * @return bool                      true if successfull
function my_plugin_handler ($name, $type, $template, &$callback, &$script, &$cacheable)
    switch ($type) {
        case Smarty::PLUGIN_FUNCTION:
            switch ($name) {
                case 'scriptfunction':
                    $script = './scripts/script_function_tag.php';
                    $callback = 'default_script_function_tag';
                    return true;
                case 'localfunction':
                    $callback = 'default_local_function_tag';
                    return true;
                return false;
        case Smarty::PLUGIN_COMPILER:
            switch ($name) {
                case 'scriptcompilerfunction':
                    $script = './scripts/script_compiler_function_tag.php';
                    $callback = 'default_script_compiler_function_tag';
                    return true;
                return false;
        case Smarty::PLUGIN_BLOCK:
            switch ($name) {
                case 'scriptblock':
                    $script = './scripts/script_block_tag.php';
                    $callback = 'default_script_block_tag';
                    return true;
                return false;
        return false;




The return callback must be static; a function name or an array of class and method name.

Dynamic callbacks like objects methods are not supported.

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