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registerResource() — dynamically register resources


void registerResource(string name,
                      Smarty_resource resource_handler);

Use this to dynamically register a Resource plugin with Smarty. Pass in the name of the Resource and the object extending Smarty_Resource. See template resources for more information on how to setup a function for fetching templates.

Technical Note

A resource name must be at least two characters in length. One character resource names will be ignored and used as part of the file path, such as $smarty->display('c:/path/to/index.tpl');


Prior to Smarty 3.1 registerResource() accepted an array of callback functions. While this is still possible for backward compatibility reasons, it is strongly discouraged as callback functions have been deprecated as of Smarty 3.1.

Example 14.42. registerResource()

$smarty->registerResource('mysql', new Smarty_Resource_Mysql());


See also unregisterResource() and the template resources section.

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