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This is the directory or directories where Smarty will look for the plugins that it needs. Default is plugins/ under the SMARTY_DIR. If you supply a relative path, Smarty will first look under the SMARTY_DIR, then relative to the current working directory, then relative to the PHP include_path. If $plugins_dir is an array of directories, Smarty will search for your plugin in each plugin directory in the order they are given.

Technical Note

For best performance, do not setup your $plugins_dir to have to use the PHP include path. Use an absolute pathname, or a path relative to SMARTY_DIR or the current working directory.


As of Smarty 3.1 the attribute $plugins_dir is no longer accessible directly. Use getPluginsDir(), setPluginsDir() and addPluginsDir() instead.

See also getPluginsDir(), setPluginsDir() and addPluginsDir().