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registerPlugin() — 注册插件


void registerPlugin(string type,
                    string name,
                    mixed callback,
                    bool cacheable,
                    mixed cache_attrs);

该函数将以插件的形式来注册函数或者方法。 参数如下:

  • type defines the type of the plugin. Valid values are "function", "block", "compiler" and "modifier".

  • name defines the name of the plugin.

  • callback defines the PHP callback. it can be either:

    • A string containing the function name

    • An array of the form array(&$object, $method) with &$object being a reference to an object and $method being a string containing the method-name

    • An array of the form array($class, $method) with $class being the class name and $method being a method of the class.

  • 大多数情况下cacheablecache_attrs可被省略。 参见缓存能力设置它们的值。

Example 14.39. 注册函数

$smarty->registerPlugin("function","date_now", "print_current_date");

function print_current_date($params, $smarty)
  if(empty($params["format"])) {
    $format = "%b %e, %Y";
  } else {
    $format = $params["format"];
  return strftime($format,time());




{* 或定义时间格式 *}
{date_now format="%Y/%m/%d"}

Example 14.40. 注册块函数

// 函数定义
function do_translation ($params, $content, $smarty, &$repeat, $template)
  if (isset($content)) {
    $lang = $params["lang"];
    // 这里可以放置翻译 $content 的代码
    return $translation;

// 注册到Smarty
$smarty->registerPlugin("block","translate", "do_translation");



{translate lang="br"}Hello, world!{/translate}


Example 14.41. 注册修饰器


// 我们将PHP的stripslashes函数映射成一个Smarty的修饰器
$smarty->registerPlugin("modifier","ss", "stripslashes");




参见 unregisterPlugin(), 插件函数, 块函数, 编译函数, 和 修饰器

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