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Passing variable title to header template

When the majority of your templates use the same headers and footers, it is common to split those out into their own templates and {include} them. But what if the header needs to have a different title, depending on what page you are coming from? You can pass the title to the header as an attribute when it is included.

Teladan 18-3. Passing the title variable to the header template

mainpage.tpl - When the main page is drawn, the title of "Main Page" is passed to the header.tpl, and will subsequently be used as the title.

{include file='header.tpl' title='Main Page'}
{* template body goes here *}
{include file='footer.tpl'}

archives.tpl - When the archives page is drawn, the title will be "Archives". Notice in the archive example, we are using a variable from the archives_page.conf file instead of a hard coded variable.

{config_load file='archive_page.conf'}

{include file='header.tpl' title=#archivePageTitle#}
{* template body goes here *}
{include file='footer.tpl'}

header.tpl - Notice that "Smarty News" is printed if the $title variable is not set, using the default variable modifier.

<title>{$title|default:'Smarty News'}</title>


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