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[SmartyValidate] Disconnecting a Control Panel

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 8:49 pm    Post subject: [SmartyValidate] Disconnecting a Control Panel Reply with quote

I'm using SmartyValidate as part of my blogging system. I have a central control panel, where every form managed SmartyValidate.

At the moment I register every time I enter a form and unregister/re-register every time I do a POST, the problem is that every panel must be independent (I may want to open two panels in two tabs to have, say, the file uploader, and the entry editor), so I can't just do a disconnect() or I'll wipe the entire data.

Still I MUST disconnect or I'll get "not valid" errors reported even when there are no errors... Situation: I post a blank form, I get an error, I leave the panel, once I re-enter the panel there is a "not valid" error :/

If I consider the fact a user may want to open several instances of the panel in different tabs of his browser I can NEVER know when he'll leaves definitely the panel, and so I can't register.

The workaround is that I re-register the form every time a choose a different panel; as you can imagine, if I open a panel in a new tab, the new validators are registered and the old ones are wiped out (I could use different form IDs, but the I would never know when I should definitely disconnect() )

Sorry for the messy explanation, I hope you'll be able to understand me Very Happy and lend me a hand Smile

PS: smartyvalidate is used for the comment form as well, so yet another conflict Very Happy
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