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Smarty 3.1.7 Released

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:14 pm    Post subject: Smarty 3.1.7 Released Reply with quote

Smarty 3.1.7 is released. Some fixes and nice improvements, such as a 2x-5x speed increase in template compiling.

Change log:
- bugfix strings ending with " in multiline strings of config files failed to compile (isse #67)
- added chaining to Smarty_Internal_Templatebase
- changed unloadFilter() to not return a boolean in favor of chaining and API conformity
- bugfix unregisterObject() raised notice when object to unregister did not exist
- changed internals to use Smarty::$_MBSTRING ($_CHARSET, $_DATE_FORMAT) for better unit testing
- added Smarty::$_UTF8_MODIFIER for proper PCRE charset handling (Forum Topic 20452)
- added Smarty_Security::isTrustedUri() and Smarty_Security::$trusted_uri to validate
remote resource calls through {fetch} and {html_image} (Forum Topic 20627)

- improvement of compiling speed by new handling of plain text blocks in the lexer/parser (issue #68 )

- bugfix the source exits flag and timestamp was not setup when template was in php include path (issue #69)

- bugfix {capture} tags around recursive {include} calls did throw exception (Forum Topic 20549)
- bugfix $auto_literal = false did not work with { block} tags in child templates (Forum Topic 20581)
- bugfix template inheritance: do not include code of {include} in overloaded {block} into compiled
parent template (Issue #66}
- bugfix template inheritance: {$smarty.block.child} in nested child {block} tags did not return expected
result (Forum Topic 20564)
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