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Testimony from Ubaldo Huerta (Feb 21, 2003)

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2003 4:31 pm    Post subject: Testimony from Ubaldo Huerta (Feb 21, 2003) Reply with quote

Back in May 2002 I spent 2/3 weeks evaluating a lot of platforms/programming
models to write a multi-language community site, my first web project.

I came across a formidable assortment of solutions; there was the fanciful
event "ridden" .Net platform , the Byzantine coocon model, the mediocre jsp
tag library model, the unmaintainable cgi/perl solution and a vanilla php
solution (php was completely new to me then).

At first glance, php had all the inconveniences of a scripting language but
was astonishingly fast, had simple enough C like syntax, and a huge user
base. However, after downloading a couple of open source apps from
sourceforge, I almost paniqued when I saw &?php ... statements
everywhere, that is, it seemed no different than a few unmaintainable ASP
and JSP apps that I had seen before (no easy way or established practice for
the division of labor between the developer and graphic designer).

Searching for a plug-in architecture conceptually similar to jsp tag
libraries, which was all I knew at the time, pointed me to the template
engine concept. After playing with a few php template engines, I realized
that smarty had all the features that I needed (config files for multi-lang
support, template caching, tons of useful modifiers and functions, and even
the possibility to shoot myself -if I wanted to- embedding php code or
filling my templates with {if or {foreach constructs.

Now, almost a year later all I can say is that there is no looking back for
me: smarty pretty much has met all my expectations and surprises here and
there. Put in another way, I wouldn't have chosen PHP for my project if it
weren't for smarty. Mil gracias!
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