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Smarty 3.1.15 Released

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:38 pm    Post subject: Smarty 3.1.15 Released Reply with quote

Smarty 3.1.15 Released.

change log:

- use current delimiters in compiler error messages (issue 157)
- improvement on performance when using error handler and multiple template folders (issue 152)

- improvement added patch for additional SmartyCompilerException properties for better access to scource information (forum topic 24559)

- bugfix recompiled templates did not show on first request with zend opcache cache (forum topic 24320)

- bugfix html_select_time defaulting error for the Meridian dropdown (forum topic 24549)

- bugfix incorrect compiled code with array(object,method) callback at registered Variable Filter (forum topic 24542)

- bugfix delimiter followed by linebreak did not work as auto literal after update from 24.08.2013 (forum topic 24518)

- bugfix and enhancement
Because several recent problems with template inheritance the {block} tag compiler has been rewriten
- Error messages shown now the correct child template file and line number
- The compiler could fail on some larger UTF-8 text block (forum topic 24455)
- The {strip} tag can now be placed outside {block} tags in child templates (forum topic 24289)
- change SmartyException::$escape is now false by default
- change PHP traceback has been remove for SmartyException and SmartyCompilerException

- bugfix compiled filepath of config file did not observe different config_dir (forum topic 24493)

- bugfix the internal resource cache did not observe config_dir changes (forum topic 24493)

- bugfix internal $tmpx variables must be unique over all inheritance templates (Issue 149)

- bugfix a newline was eaten when a <?xml ... ?> was passed by a Smarty variable and caching was enabled (forum topic 24482)

- bugfix headers already send warning thrown when using 'SMARTY_DEBUG=on' from URL (Issue 148)

- enhancement allow access to properties of registered opjects for Smarty2 BC (forum topic 24344)

- bugfix template inheritance nesting problem (forum topic 24387)

- update code generated by PSR-2 standards fixer which introduced PHP 5.4 incompatibilities of 14.7.2013

- bugfix increase of internal maximum parser stacksize to allow more complex tag code {forum topic 24426}
- update for PHP 5.4 compatibility
- reformat source to PSR-2 standard

- bugfix Do not remove '//' from file path at normalization (Issue 142)

- bugfix trimwhitespace would replace captured items in wrong order (forum topic 24387)
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