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Bug in SmartyValidate 2.8/2.9

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 1:28 pm    Post subject: Bug in SmartyValidate 2.8/2.9 Reply with quote

There is a bug in SmartyValidate 2.8 (I use 2.8, but I examined the 2.9 source and it exists there also) involving multi-field validators. If you have a situation like this:

SmartyValidate::register_validator("minShipDate", "shipDate", "minShipDate",
true, false, "trim", 'step3form');
SmartyValidate::register_validator("validShipCancelPair", "shipDate:cancelDate",
"isValidShipCancelPair", true, false, "trim", 'step3form');

i.e., you register a validator on a field called "shipDate", and then register a multi-field validator that includes the shipDate field, then the following bug can be triggered:

1) An invalid shipDate is entered
2) An valid cancelDate is entered (as determined by the multi-field validator)

3) When SmartyValidate is processing the multi-field validator, it will short-circuit the processing because one of the multiple fields, shipDate, has failed an earlier validation, and marked the validator as failed.

4) I believe the behavior (not verified) of 2.9 is actually the opposite. If you enter an invalid shipDate and an invalid cancelDate, 2.9 will short-circuit the processing of the multi-field validator, but will mark the validator as valid.

Here is the patch to fix 2.8. I believe this will fix 2.9 also, since the short-circuiting the validator to valid needs to be removed.

> // Check if all fields of a multi-field validator have failed previously before
> // short-circuiting this validator
< // already failed, skip this test
< continue;
> $_go_on = true;
> for ($_idx_ = 2; isset($_sess[$_key]["field" . $_idx_]); $_idx_++) {
> $_field_n = $_sess[$_key]["field" . $_idx_];
> if (!in_array($_field_n, $_ret)) {
> $_go_on = false;
> break;
> }
> }
> if ($_go_on == true) {
> continue;
> }
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