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Smarty 3.0.8 Released

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:34 pm    Post subject: Smarty 3.0.8 Released Reply with quote

Smarty 3.0.8 has been released. Mostly bug fixes and performance improvements.

excerpt from change log:


- bugfix <?xml ...> in templates did break "cache modified check"

- bugfix error handling at stream resources

- bugfix condition starting with "-" did fail at {if} and {while} tags

- bugfix allow only fixed string as file attribute at {extends} tag
- workaround for PHP 5.2.13 bug in method_exists()

- bugfix do not run filters and default modifier when displaying the debug template
- bugfix of embedded double quotes within multi line strings (""")

- bugfix on error message in smarty_internal_compile_block.php
- bugfix mb handling in strip modifier
- bugfix for Smarty2 style registered compiler function on unnamed attribute passing like {tag $foo $bar}

- bugfix on default {function} parameters when {function} was used in nocache sections
- bugfix on compiler object destruction. compiler_object property was by mistake unset.

-bugfix a variable filter should run before modifers on an output tag (see change of 23/07/2010)

- bugfix loading config file without section should load only defaults

- bugfix "smarty" template variable was not recreated when cached templated had expired
- bugfix internal rendered_content must be cleared after subtemplate was included

- bugfix replace modifier did not work in 3.0.7 on systems without multibyte support
- bugfix {$smarty.template} could return in 3.0.7 parent template name instead of
child name when it needed to compile

- bugfix for Smarty2 style compiler plugins on unnamed attribute passing like {tag $foo $bar}

- bugfix $smarty->clearCache('some.tpl') did by mistake cache the template object

- bugfix removed possible race condition when isCached() was called for an individually cached subtemplate
- bugfix force default debug.tpl to be loaded by the file resource when default_resource_type was modified

-improvement not to delete files starting with '.' from cache and template_c folders on clearCompiledTemplate() and clearCache()

-fixed typo in exception message of Smarty_Internal_Template
-improvement allow leading spaces on } tag closing if auto_literal is enabled

- bugfix replace $smarty->triggerError() by exception in smarty_internal_resource_extends.php
- removed obsolete {popup_init..} plugin from demo templates
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