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PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:06 am    Post subject: BC Checker Reply with quote

I've just been doing a big migration from Smarty 2 to 3. As a companion to the SmartyBC wrapper class, I've written a little shell script that checks a directory (recursively) for uses of the old-style names so that they can be fixed properly without having to resort to the BC class. All I did was take the function names defined in SmartyBC and grep for them, however it proved pretty useful so I though others might like it, might be nice to include it in the source bundle.



egrep -R "\b(assign_by_ref|append_by_ref|clear_assign|register_function|unregister_function|register_object|unregister_object|register_block|unregister_block|register_compiler_function|unregister_compiler_function|register_modifier|unregister_modifier|register_resource|unregister_resource|register_prefilter|unregister_prefilter|register_postfilter|unregister_postfilter|register_outputfilter|unregister_outputfilter|load_filter|clear_cache|clear_all_cache|is_cached|clear_all_assign|clear_compiled_tpl|template_exists|get_template_vars|get_config_vars|config_load|get_registered_object|clear_config|trigger_error|smarty_php_tag)\b" $1/*

I saved that as '' and call it like this:
./ <path to code dir>

It might be useful to do something similar for properties - I had quite a few instances of looking at $this->_tpl_vars, which is no longer there.

Note that I needed to do this on OS X 10.7 in order to fix grep.

As an aside, I'm finding that the change from Smarty 2.6.26 to 3.1.7 resulted in an overall slowdown of about 15% (I profiled rendering of 500 templates using xdebug). For me this is outweighed by the increased functionality, particularly blocks, but it's a shame after all the good things I'd read! On the upside, the call trees you get in 3.1.7 are so much more sane!
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