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Smarty 3.1.8 Released

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:31 pm    Post subject: Smarty 3.1.8 Released Reply with quote

Some bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Change Log:
- bugfix {include} could result in a fatal error if used in appended or prepended nested {block} tags
(reported by mh and Issue 83)
- enhancement added Smarty special variable $smarty.template_object to return the current template object (Forum Topic 20289)

- bugfix increase entropy of internal function names in compiled and cached template files (Forum Topic 20996)
- enhancement cacheable parameter added to default plugin handler, same functionality as in registerPlugin (request by calguy1000)

- improvement stream_resolve_include_path() added to Smarty_Internal_Get_Include_Path (Forum Topic 20980)
- bugfix fetch('extends:foo.tpl') always yielded $source->exists == true (Forum Topic 20980)
- added modifier unescape:"url", fix (Forum Topic 20980)
- improvement replaced some calls of preg_replace with str_replace (Issue 73)

- bugfix Smarty_Security internal $_resource_dir cache wasn't properly propagated

- bugfix Smarty did not a template name of "0" (Forum Topic 20895)

- bugfix typo in Smarty_Internal_Get_IncludePath did cause runtime overhead (Issue 74)
- improvment remove unneeded assigments (Issue 75 and 76)
- fixed typo in template parser
- bugfix output filter must not run before writing cache when template does contain nocache code (Issue 71)

- bugfix {block foo nocache} did not load plugins within child {block} in nocache mode (Forum Topic 20753)

- bugfix enable more entropy in Smarty_Internal_Write_File for "more uniqueness" and Cygwin compatibility (Forum Topic 20724)
- bugfix embedded quotes in single quoted strings did not compile correctly in {nocache} sections (Forum Topic 20730)

- bugfix Smarty's internal header code must be excluded from postfilters (issue 71)

- bugfix the new lexer of 17.12.2011 did fail if mbstring.func_overload != 0 (issue 70) (Forum Topic 20680)
- bugfix template inheritace did fail if mbstring.func_overload != 0 (issue 70) (Forum Topic 20680)

- bugfix template inheritance: {$smarty.block.child} in nested child {block} tags did not return
content after {$smarty.block.child} (Forum Topic 20564)
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