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Smarty 3.1.12 and Smarty 2.6.27 Released

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:57 pm    Post subject: Smarty 3.1.12 and Smarty 2.6.27 Released Reply with quote

Smarty 3.1.12 and Smarty 2.6.27 have been released. 3.1.12 has minor bug fixes and improvements. Smarty 2 and 3 also received a security fix regarding the escapement of Smarty error messages. ie. an unrealistic but testable case where you call $smarty->display($_GET['id']); and the GET value is passed directly to the error message. To resolve any probable concern, error messages are now escaped.

Smarty 3.1.12 Change Log:

- bugfix template inheritance failed to compile with delimiters {/ and /} (Forum Topic 23008)

- bugfix escape Smarty exception messages to avoid possible script execution

- bugfix tag option flags and shorttag attributes did not work when rdel started with '=' (Forum Topic 22979)

- bugfix resolving relative paths broke in some circumstances (Issue #114)

- bugfix test MBString availability through mb_split, as it could've been compiled without regex support (--enable-mbregex).
Either we get MBstring's full package, or we pretend it's not there at all.

- bugfix $auto_literal = false did not work with { block} tags in child templates
(problem was reintroduced after fix in 3.1.7)(Forum Topic 20581)

- bugfix compiled code of nocache sections could contain wrong escaping (Forum Topic 22810)

- bugfix template inheritance did produce wrong code if subtemplates with {block} was
included several times (from smarty-developers forum)

- bugfix PHP5.2 compatibility compromised by SplFileInfo::getBasename() (Issue 110)

- bugfix avoid PHP error on $smarty->configLoad(...) with invalid section specification (Forum Topic 22608)

-bugfix {assign} in a nocache section should not overwrite existing variable values
during compilation (issue 109)

- bugfix array access of config variables did not work (Forum Topic 22527)

- bugfix the default plugin handler did create wrong compiled code for static class methods
from external script files (issue 108)
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