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How to Get Help and Post Topics

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PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2003 9:48 am    Post subject: How to Get Help and Post Topics Reply with quote

Welcome to the Smarty User Forums!

If you're having a problem with Smarty, you've come to the right place.

You can aid your quest to get the answers you are looking for in the following ways:

    This forum supports a Search Facility (also available in the top navigation bar on every page) to help you locate messages that may be relevant to your query.
    Sticky Topics and Announcements -- found at the top of forums -- contain topics that are frequently discussed and other important information.

Creating a Topic: How to Post A Question

If you find that you are still stuck after searching for a solution from the available sources above, you may want to pose your issue to other members of this forum. If possible, avoid opening new topics for information that is already available.

For best results, try to help the people who you want to help you. Keep these simple points in mind:

    Be patient, be kind. Like yourself, the others users on this forum are here on their own time. Wink
    Browse the forums to see how other users have posted their queries and the types of responses they have gotten as a result. Emulate a winning strategy!
    Post your topic in the relevant forum!
    Use the Topic field to describe your issue in general terms. Indicate the related Smarty feature or function that is creating your issue.
    In the message body, summarize your issue. Explain what you were trying to do, what you expected to happen and what actually happened.
    Provide relevant details. Small code samples from your PHP scripts and template files are often needed by others to help pinpoint your issue. Be as precise and succinct as possible.
    If your question was unanswered or went unsolved but you managed to independantly solve it, post a reply to your own topic detailing your solution.
    It is advisable when posting a question -- and especially when reporting a bug -- to indicate which version of Smarty and PHP you are using.

Good luck and may all your templates compile and all your pages exist in the cache!
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