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MIME header generator function.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:23 pm    Post subject: MIME header generator function. Reply with quote

The plugin will generate a(n almost) correct "Name: value" MIME headers for things like EML or MHT files. Basically any MIME-appropriate container.
It has some shortcuts, and if someone fancy, I would gladly accept the patches to fill in the blanks.

Example usage:
$smarty->assign('header', array(
  'from' => array('name' => 'Me', 'email' => ''),
  'to' => array('name' => 'You', 'email' => ''),
  'subject' => 'Last sunday of october.'

{foreach $header as $name => $value}{mime_header name=$name value=$value}

name(string) - header name
value(string or array*) - header value
wrap(number, optional) - wrap length (default is an iconv comple-time default)

*If 'name' refers to one of the known address headers (To, From, Sender, Cc etc.), 'value' can be an array of 'name'-'email' pairs as well, indicating recipient names and addresses, which it will try to correctly stitch together into appropriate address string.

The plugin (iconv is required, mbstring [should be] optional):
/** Smarty function plugin

function smarty_function_mime_header($params, Smarty_Internal_Template $template)
  $_name = mb_convert_case($params['name'], MB_CASE_TITLE);
  $_value = $params['value'];
  $_pref = array(
        'input-charset' => is_callable('mb_internal_encoding')
          ? mb_internal_encoding()
          : 'UTF-8',
        'output-charset' => is_callable('mb_internal_encoding')
          ? mb_internal_encoding()
          : 'UTF-8'
  isset($params['wrap']) ? $_pref['line-length'] = $params['wrap'] : false ;

    case 'From':
    case 'Sender':
    case 'To':
    case 'Cc':
    case 'Bcc':
    case 'Resent-From':
    case 'Resent-Sender':
    case 'Resent-To':
    case 'Resent-Cc':
    case 'Resent-Bcc':
        throw new Exception('Compound address strings support not implemented yet.');

        throw new Exception('Address not defined or multi-recipient header is requested (not yet implemented).');

      $_aname = isset($_value['name']) ? mb_encode_mimeheader($_value['name']) . ' ' : '';

        $_address = '';
        foreach($_value['email'] as $v)
          $_address .= (empty($_address) ? '' : ', ') . "<$v>";
        $_address = mb_encode_mimeheader($_address);
        $_address = "<{$_value['email']}>";

      return "$_name: {$_aname}{$_address}";
      return iconv_mime_encode($_name, $params['value'], $_pref);
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