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Object scope in block

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:41 pm    Post subject: Object scope in block Reply with quote

Another probably PHP related problem. Having got everything moved over to PHP7, updated all the third party stuff, and even updated all the SmartyBC stuff to eliminate the residual Smarty2 code I had almost everything working ... except ... is the test etup, and is displaying content in the right hand modules, but when I first got things running they were blank.

The hacked code below is working, but the problem eems to be with the 'scope' of $gBitSmarty which is what should be supplied in &$gBitX but 'modInfo' while being displayed in the getTemplateVars on both scopes, only doing the assign to the global version results in the fetch being populated.

function smarty_block_bitmodule( $pParams, $pContent, &$gBitX) {
global $gBitSmarty;
if( empty( $pContent )) {
return '';
} else {
$pParams['data'] = $pContent;
$pParams['name'] = preg_replace( "/[^a-zA-Z0-9\\-\\_]/", "", $pParams['name'] );
$gBitSmarty->assign( 'modInfo', $pParams );
// vd( $gBitSmarty->getTemplateVars() );
// vd($gBitX->getTemplateVars());
$module = $gBitX->fetch('bitpackage:themes/module.tpl');
// vd($module);
return $module;

Anybody got any idea where to look next? OTHER bocks are working fine, but are probably using display rather than fetch, so I suspect the problem is there somewhere.
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