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Smarty template browser 1.0 released

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 12:01 am    Post subject: Smarty template browser 1.0 released Reply with quote

Makes all URI:s in templates absolute and converts all links to other .tpl-files quieries to parse through this script. A good interface between your own scripts and templates designed by a slightly lazy or not so technically advanced person.

Read description in the beginning of the code for more info.

Note! This script needs postfilter rel2abs:

* Name of script: Smarty template browser 1.0 - released July 30, 2004
* Author: Simon Rönnqvist -
* NOTE! Filename must be: index.php
* Usage:
* Let's say you've got a web designer with little technical understanding making templates or
* that you're just fed up editing links in Smarty templates.
* This script converts all the relative URI:s to absolute ones, and also converts all the links
* to other .tpl files so that they'll be opened through this script. This way the web designer
* can go on designing pages just as he's used to and the only thing he needs to think about
* is to insert Smarty elements where he needs them.
* To make more use out of this you'll need to add your own code (see below) so that Smarty assigns
* some variables. It still works out of the box, so just go ahead and try it.
* Comments, questions, suggestions, improvements, implementations, etc.?
* Please let me know: simon(a t)

define('PATH', '/path/to/the/directory/of/the/script/'); //Document root
define('URI', ''); //URI to document root

# If the directory containing Smarty.class.php isn't defined as an include_path in php.ini you need to define it here.
# Example: define("SMARTY_DIR","/enter/the/complete/path/like/this/");

require_once('postfilter.rel2abs.php'); //this postfilter is found at:

$SMARTY_LOCALDIR=PATH; //Here you can choose to have the Smarty-related directories elsewhere.
$smarty = new Smarty();
$smarty->template_dir = "{$SMARTY_LOCALDIR}/templates/";
$smarty->compile_dir = "{$SMARTY_LOCALDIR}/templates_c/";
$smarty->config_dir = "{$SMARTY_LOCALDIR}/configs/";
$smarty->cache_dir = "{$SMARTY_LOCALDIR}/cache/";

//Validates URI
$GLOBALS['valid_uri'] = eregi("^((http|https)://[[:alnum:].-]+\.[[:alpha:]]{2,4}(:[[:digit:]]{1,5})?)(/[[:alnum:]/+=%&_.~-]*)$", URI, $uri);
$GLOBALS['uri_nodomain'] = $uri[4]; //Extracts the part following the domain

$string = getenv("QUERY_STRING");

//Makes sure that nobody can access files other than .tpl files within the defined PATH.
if (ereg("^/", $string) || strstr($string, "..")) {
echo "You cannot access files in parent directories.";
} else {
$string = ereg_replace("/$", "", $string); //Removes possible ending / from $string
if ($string == "") {
$file=PATH."index.tpl"; //Views index.tpl as default
$GLOBALS['tpl_absuri'] = $uri_nodomain . "index";
} else {
$file=PATH.$string.".tpl"; //Generates the full path to the requested .tpl file
$GLOBALS['tpl_absuri'] = $uri_nodomain . $string;
# Here you'll find some suggested code which you should edit according to your needs.

if (!file_exists($file)) {
# Hint: Here you can make it look for a database entry too before giving in.
# i.e. /directory/template/database_entry
echo "The file $file does not exist";
} else {
# Here's some suggested code commented out
//Code for all templates here

switch ($string) {
case 'template1':
//Code for "template1" here
case 'directory/template2':
//Code for "template2" in "directory" here
//Code for all the others here

//Code for all templates here

# Finish by assigning variables for output
# Example: $smarty->assign("variable_in_template", $variable_in_your_php_code);

function quierify_tpluri($compiled, &$smarty) {
if ($GLOBALS['valid_uri'] == true) {
$compiled= eregi_replace("(<a href=\"(".URI."|".$GLOBALS['uri_nodomain']."))([[:alnum:]/+=%&_.~-]*)(\.tpl)", "\\1?\\3", $compiled);
} else {
$compiled="Please define a valid complete URI to the root CMS directory (i.e.".$compiled;

$smarty->register_postfilter('smarty_postfilter_rel2abs'); //Makes all links absolute
$smarty->register_postfilter('quierify_tpluri'); //Converts all links to .tpl files to quieries parsing them through this scritp

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