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Paginate dummy question

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2005 6:12 pm    Post subject: Paginate dummy question Reply with quote

The question I have probably is pretty simple, and I apologize for still not understanding.

However, I do not succeed to get the paginate function :

This is my .php code :

$motcle = $_POST['motcle'];
$anmin = $_POST['anmin'];
$anmax = $_POST['anmax'];
$nom_auteur = $_POST['nom_auteur'];
$resume = $_POST['resume'];
$auteur = $_POST['auteur'];
$contrat = $_POST['contrat'];

$connexion = connexion (NOM, PASSE, BASE, SERVEUR);
$query = "SELECT * FROM Actes, Bibliographie
WHERE = idBiblio
AND MotsClef LIKE '%$motcle%'
AND Nom_Auteur LIKE '%$nom_auteur%'
AND Resume LIKE '%$resume%'
AND Auteur LIKE '%$auteur%'
AND Contrat LIKE '%$contrat%'
AND annee BETWEEN $anmin AND $anmax ORDER BY annee
LIMIT ". SmartyPaginate::getCurrentIndex() . ", ". SmartyPaginate::getLimit() ;
$smarty->assign($actes, get_db_results());

the function :

function get_db_results($actes)
$_data = $actes;
return array_slice($_data, SmartyPaginate::getCurrentIndex(), SmartyPaginate::getLimit());

AND the error messages :
[client] PHP Warning: Missing argument 1 for get_db_results() in /var/www/html/smartysite/fonctions.php on line 54, referer: http://localhost/smartysite/recherche.php
[client] PHP Warning: array_slice(): The first argument should be an array in /var/www/html/smartysite/fonctions.php on line 58, referer: http://localhost/smartysite/recherche.php

There must be something very basic that I am missing, could anyone please help ?

Many thanks,

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