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PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 9:14 am    Post subject: About "Why Smarty" Reply with quote

Hi All,

I feel there's a number of reasons that make Smarty a very good
election to develop web sites easily.

First as much as Harry Fuecks and company arguments against smarty do
certainly look good on theory, in practice they aren't as much. Using
a template system closer to php -or even php itself as template
system- at the end makes a system that's difficult to maintain for
programmers in the long run and difficult to use to designers -they
perceive differently the need to learn a full language, than just a
simplified one to make templates-. That makes at least for me the
killing argument to disregard such studies, on the other side I feel
there're other issues: readbility of the code decreases with such
systems, and probably the beauty of smarty that allows you to fully
separate the presentation logic (not just the templates!) from the
bussines logic is lost with them. In some cases it almost divided by three the code size of the project!! (from over 300000 lines pnapi compliant app, to a little over 100000, including templates)

I came to smarty after evaluating several template engines, and
truthfully I must say that all I wanted was to write much less code,
and none of them provided the same functionality nor perfomance by
far. Most were slower, other's were faster but lacked tons of features
and extensibility: smarty does it all for you.

I've been using it since version 2.0 and I've integrated it with
existant systems (like some modules I made for postnuke based web
sites) and made my own engines from scratch using smarty since them,
all with great success. Of course there's some stuff I'd love to see
improved or added, but after all this time smarty is on my code pool
to stay for long.
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