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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 1:35 am    Post subject: Navbarcrumbs Reply with quote

Hi all,

Just letting y'all know, I've releases some code at which can be used in conjunction with Smarty.

As I explain there, this is a PHP5/SimpleXML class which uses one XML file that you create to represent your site's structure to allow the auto-creation of important accessibility items: navigation bar (with alphabetical or optgroup pull-downs), breadcrumbs, link tags with next/prev rels, alphabetical and nested or non-nested hierarchical sitemaps, or the current page title. These can be retrieved with independent method interfaces.

Known issues:

1) Does not allow localization (when this feature is in use) of part of a field (at least if localizing is pre-Smarty)--assumes the localization is for the whole field.
2) Note that the hierarchical data is being dumped to Smarty as just one simple variable (not as an array); this could be fixed to allow customization of the design output within a template, rather than by needing to modify the XHTML within the class. The custom plugin discussed in the thread could then be used to recreate the hierarchical data in Smarty.

Other uses
With some custom CSS, the Sitemap code could perhaps be made into a set of hierarchical pull-down menus (e.g,. through CSS :hover pseudo-class).

Let me know if anybody gives it a try...

best wishes,
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