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SmartyMailer : Use Smarty and CSS stylesheets for e-mails

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:07 am    Post subject: SmartyMailer : Use Smarty and CSS stylesheets for e-mails Reply with quote

Hello Smarty team & Smarty fellows,

For long I wanted to use Smarty for sending beautiful HTML e-mails, using template inheritance and so. With Smarty's Fetch() method, this is quite easy to setup.

However, designing HTML e-mails require you to forget any CSS stylesheets, and use something like <div style=""> instead : that can be very complicated if you want to manage several e-mail templates with the same design : if one day you want to change your design, you'll have to check every style attribute of every HTML element of every template.

Recently I found an amazing PHP class named "CSS to Inline Styles" by Tijs Verkoyen, that you can find here :
With that class, you can merge a HTML file with a CSS file and it will automatically output HTML with the corresponding style="" attributes everywhere after parsing your CSS rules.

For my needs, I wanted to use both Smarty and CSS to Inline styles, for designing my different e-mails with template inheritance, creating different stylesheets, and sending the processed result.

So, I wanted to share with you a class I made and I called SmartyMailer.

Now you have :

    - Templates that inherit
    - CSS that inherit
    - Compiled HTML output

Usage as follows :

$SmartyMailer   =   new SmartyMailer();
$SmartyMailer   ->   SetTemplateDir('MyTemplateDir')      // Smarty template directory
$SmartyMailer   ->   SetCssDir('MyCssDir')            // Css directory
$SmartyMailer   ->   SetTemplateFile('MyTemplate.tpl')   // Smarty template
$SmartyMailer   ->   AddCssFile('Default.css')         // Css styles
$SmartyMailer   ->   AddCssFile('MyStyles.css')         // Additionnal Css styles
$SmartyMailer   ->   Assign('FirstName', 'Ben')         // Smarty variable assignments
$SmartyMailer   ->   Process()   ->   ShowOutput()      // Processes and displays the result

$SmartyMailer   ->   SetSender('')      // Set email's sender
$SmartyMailer   ->   SetRecipient('')      // Set email's recipient
$SmartyMailer   ->   SetSubject('Hello {$FirstName}')   // Set email's subject (can be a Smarty string)
$SmartyMailer   ->   Process()   ->   Send()            // Processes and Sends the e-mail

Since SmartyMailer extends Smarty, you can use any Smarty method (SetCaching, SetCacheLifeTime, IsCached, LoadFilter, ...)

@Smarty team : I tried to do my best for good practices in coding with Smarty. Feel free to tell me what can I improve.

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