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Article: Smarty vs Twig Nov 30, 2011

xially from uMumble has posted an interesting article comparing Smarty 3.1.1 and Twig 1.2.0.

Smarty vs Twig Discuss here.

Smarty 3.1.3 Released Oct 7, 2011

Smarty 3.1.3 has been released. Minor bug fixes and other improvements.

change log here.

download it here.

Smarty 3.1.2 released Oct 3, 2011

Smarty 3.1.2 has been released. Minor bug fixes and other improvements.

change log here.

download it here.

Showcase: Hostelz uses Smarty Oct 3, 2011

spacenode image

David from Hostelz says: is the largest hostels guide on the web, featuring over
43,000 listings in over 8,600 cities worldwide. The site has been
helping travelers find hostels for nearly 10 years. It offers reviews
and comments from guests, and an online booking system that does a
meta-search of the major hostel booking websites to allow users to
compare prices and find available beds.

We've been using Smarty as the template system for since
2002. We believe a template system is necessary for large scale
websites so that the design elements of the site are uncoupled from
the underlying programming code. Smarty allows our graphic designers
to sculpt the look of the site without needing to touch any of the PHP
code that powers it. We also use Smarty's config files to separate
out text from the from templates into separate files so that our
translators can translate it to create foreign language versions of
the site.

Smarty's sophisticated caching system is a key part of what makes our
site perform significantly faster than our competitors. After the
first time a page is accessed, subsequent requests for the page
usually come directly from the cache, allowing pages to load almost
instantly without querying the database. The performance difference
is noticeable and it results in a much better user experience for our

Smarty has been invaluable to the development of

David Capelle
Lead Developer

Hostelz website:

Smarty 3.1.1 Released Sep 23, 2011

Smarty 3.1.1 has been released. Minor bug fixes and other improvements.

change log here.

download it here.

Smarty 3.1 Released Sep 16, 2011

Smarty 3.1 has been released. There are many changes to this release, please see the notes file with the distribution, or you can read it here. change log here.

For those not quite ready to jump from 3.0.8 to 3.1, 3.0.9 has also been released with some minor bug fixes. change log here.

download here.

Notable 3.1 changes/features:

  • Smarty 2 BC removed from codebase, use SmartyBC.class.php for this
  • Full UTF-8 compatibility with all plugins
  • Default Template Handler for handling non-exiting template files
  • Default Config Handler for handling non-exiting config files
  • Default Plugin Handler for handling non-exiting plugin files
  • {block hide} feature when no corresponding child block is found
  • {setfilter}{/setfilter} to apply filters to a specific block of template code
  • Improved Template Resource API
  • Improved Cache Resource API
  • Relative paths in template files {include file="../header.tpl"}
  • Access to specific $template_dir via array index
  • Access multiple template resources with extends: feature
  • Simple global HTML escapement option with escape_html property
  • Compile-Check on cache miss option
  • Automatic template recompile on Smarty upgrade
  • New Getters/Setters for main Smarty directory configuration

Smarty 3.1 RC1 Released Jun 27, 2011

Smarty 3.1 Release Candidate 1 has been released. There are many changes to this release, please see the notes file with the distribution, or you can read it here.

change log here.

download it here.

Smarty 3.0.8 Released Jun 3, 2011

Smarty 3.0.8 has been released. Mostly bug fixes and performance improvements. See the change log for details.

change log here.

download it here.

Showcase: Migraine Action Charity uses Smarty 3 May 13, 2011

migraine action charity image

Andrew from 1PCS Ltd says:

Migraine Action are a UK based charity working to raise awareness of migraine, support migraine research and offer advice and information to migraineurs, their families, friends, colleagues, healthcare professionals and the general public.

Smarty was chosen as the template engine of choice for the development of the Migraine Action charity's website for its speed, flexibility, extensibility and caching ability. The website was written to fit in with Migraine's processes and utilises many of the built in features that Smarty comes with to help us reduce on-going maintenance costs. During the development, the built-in debugging facilities were a pleasure to work with helping us reduce development time and keep costs down for our client. The built-in caching facilities allow the website to continue to perform well even under heavy load and to give visitors a quick loading experience.

The Smarty template engine is a great system to work with and developers should definitely consider using Smarty when developing their own sites.

Andrew Holt
Lead Developer
1PCS Ltd

Migraine Action website:

Showcase: Cmail uses Smarty 3 Apr 25, 2011

cmail image

Gencer from says:

Since first public release, Cmail uses Smarty 3 for client and server side interface. Smarty Template Engine help us to make our software much more easier to work with it. We used almost all functions of Smarty 3 and its being part of Cmail! Smarty also allow us to coding PHP more simply and clean. Even we used Smarty 3 for Javascript (Client-Side).

Also, with Smarty 3 we can find and locate which error is came from template and which one is from server-side code.

Thank you for providing a simple, powerful and easy to use template engine!

Gencer G.
Project Manager,
Nienbo Corporation.

Cmail website:

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