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Showase: Kids Wearhouse uses Smarty 3 Apr 20, 2011

kids wearhouse image

Peter from Streamers LLC says:

Smarty is the cornerstone of an eCommerce system that we are developing tailored specifically to online apparel stores. We used it from the outset in our lead project, a remake of our kids clothing site The new design using on our eCommerce system has been live for two months and profiling under load is showing that the template system is a very efficient use of resources.

As the project development progressed we found it made more and more sense to defer front-end formatting to the Smarty template stage, and we are finding that this policy has really paid off now that we're creating new sites based on the central engine - raw data can be used, omitted or formatted specifically to each site's requirements by editing just the template file; this is perfect for future gui-driven site design. Thank you for providing a versatile and easy to use template engine.

Peter Maloy
Operations Director
Streamers LLC

Looking good!

Showcase: uses Smarty 3 Apr 18, 2011

venyoo image

Daniel from says: is an online event calendar for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is the biggest site of its kind in Germany with well over a million visits per month.

We have used Smarty since 2007, when we started work on venyoo. We currently have close to 500 template files and were using a lot of {php} tags in them. We have been thinking about switching to Smarty 3 and getting rid of all the {php} tags for some time. Last week I decided to just switch. No more excuses!

The switch was incredibly simple. And fast! It took us just two days to edit all of our templates. We had to change code in around 200 templates. We used the {php} tags for very simple stuff that was easily converted to Smarty code: static method calls for example.

Thanks for developing such an awesome library for free!


Showcase: Thin Php Framework uses Smarty 3 Apr 13, 2011

thinphp image

Duc from says:

Thin PHP Framework is a lightweight, flexible open source PHP5 MVC framework. It is suitable for web developers who want a robust framework to start their projects but don't want too many dependencies.

We have gone through all other PHP template engines and finally decided to settle down with Smarty. Thin PHP Framework is using Smarty as its core View component in MVC design. The smart design of Smarty helps web developers easily separate presentation layer and model layer. Thin PHP Framework also has some Smarty plugins to let developers embed an extension/controller's output into a view.

Thanks a lot for your awesome work and congrats on the new release!
Thin PHP Framework Team

Thin PHP website:
See Thin PHP Demo:

Cool stuff!

Smarty 3 Tips Mar 17, 2011

MVC: No Silver Bullet Mar 8, 2011

Andy Wardley as a great article about traditional desktop-application MVC and how it applies to web development.

Showcase: Sux0r uses Smarty 3 Mar 6, 2011

Dac from says:

Sux0r is a blogging package, an RSS aggregator, a bookmark repository, and a photo publishing platform with a focus on Naive Bayesian categorization and probabilistic content. OpenID enabled (version 1.1); as both a consumer and a provider.

Sux0r has been using Smarty since 2008. Recently, I bit the bullet and upgraded to Smarty 3. Launched today as part of, the transition was a relatively painless experience. Any issues I had were quickly resolved in the forums. The gains in Smarty 3 are numerous and worth the effort.

Thanks a lot for your work.

PHP Template Engines Mar 2, 2011

This is a very well written article by Max K. from about PHP template engines and their uses.

PHP Template Engines

Showcase: uses Smarty 3 Feb 24, 2011

The Sergey from says:

When I discovered Smarty 2 several years ago, it completely changed the way I developed PHP web apps. Since that day, I haven't had reason to put any HTML into my codebase. Keeping the HTML separate made my apps cleaner and easier to read, and Smarty made this easy by providing countless functions and modifiers that I could call from within my templates.

Throughout those projects, I had a self-built MySQL class that I kept improving. This class simplified my projects almost as much as Smarty did, by letting me do common MySQL actions in one line instead of several, and by giving me perfect protection from SQL injection.

When I decided to make a website so I could publish this MySQL class (now called MeekroDB), Smarty 3 was the obvious choice. By using it from the start, I'm keeping my site's codebase as clean as possible and ensuring that it won't become confusing and cluttered over time. I'm already in love with the new template inheritance system because of how much it simplifies my template files, and I know that's just the beginning. As my site grows, I'll be able to enable Smarty's caching support and ensure that it keeps loading fast.

Thank you Smarty, for many years of great PHP coding!


Showcase: PrestaShop uses Smarty 3 Feb 18, 2011

The PrestaShop development team says:

PrestaShop has been using Smarty ever since its launch over 3 years ago. It has been our first choice because of its popularity and simplicity, but we gradually ramped up our skills, tweaking it to fit our own needs and playing more and more with compilation, cache or even internal plugins and compilers.

Smarty soon became an irreplaceable part of our framework. When Smarty 3 was released a few months ago, we were glad to replace our aging Smarty 2 as this gave us the opportunity to implement a new system and acquire new skills.

Beyond the technical choice, Smarty is so well received by our community of developers and web designers that it seems now inconceivable to use anything else as a template engine. We can definitely say that Smarty is an important competitive advantage over PrestaShop's rivals.

Thank you Smarty!
PrestaShop Development Team

Very nice!

Smarty 3.0.7 Released Feb 11, 2011

Smarty 3.0.7 has been released. Some bug fixes, performance improvements, and a patch to fix a file-access vulnerability with security enabled. See the change log for details.

change log here.

download it here.

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